Midfield Rotation & Support | Tech (45-P1)


23 TD Passing Rotation A

Set Up
Minimum 8 players. Cones as shown, with one central of the diamond. 2 players at each end, with 1 player either side and 2 players central, facing outwards. Start with 1 ball with end player (EP) playing a 1-2 with central player (CP) and then plays into wide player (WP).
CP runs around EP to get set off WP to play through to opposite end to recycle. Player rotation is 1. EP to CP, 2. CP to WM, WM to OPPOSITE.
Duration | 20 minutes
Age Group | 14+
Players | 8+
Player Focus
Passing weight/accuracy | Movement | Touch | Understanding
23 TD Passing Rotation B
Progression 1 | Slide Player Switch
Add Switch For Players To Move The Ball Quicker | Players Same Rotation
23 TD Passing Rotation C


Progression 2 | Jacks Into End Player
Start Being Creative With Jacks At Each End.
45P1 IA4 
Progression 3 | Creativity Through Choice
Allow Players To Combine How They Like, Maintaining Pattern Of Rotation (1-2s, 3rd Man Runs).
Touchtight Coaching Tips
This is not an easy drill to follow. It needs patience and quite a high level of understanding from all players (it only takes one!). Nevertheless, be patient, academy players took 5-10 minutes to work this out, and it is the movement patterns, of which there are three, that they need to remember.
S - Keep space relatively tight, to allow combinations to be made, without issue of misplaced passes
T - With brighter groups, could condition them to complete a number of repetitions in a minute for example; though must be aware of possible drop in quality 
E - With introduction of a goal at 1 or both ends could work it through to a finish. This must be organised well with collection of balls by shooter, probably only suitable with high numbers 12+
P - Minimum 8 players, but focus on those who spend time to work out the practice to ensure quailty is maintained.