Breaking Defensive Lines | Individual / Tech / Skill (22-S2)

This 3 Part practice shows how we can develop our player's ability to 'Break Defensive Lines' with effective forward passing in an Individual, Technical and Opposed Skill Practice. This allows you as a coach to see how players develop this skill as they move closer to a game situation.


Individual Practice
Here we can focus on movement to play off the shoulder of mannequins to be able to receive on the half turn to finish in mini goal, which would replicate the forward pass. Clear focus with 1 to 1 specifics which allow the player to build knowledge through repetition and refinement.
21A Home
Technical Practice
This session allows the midfield or defensive unit to work on movement to break pressing lines. Here we can see our forward player recieves the ball in between players and combines with forward running wide players to combine with finish (forward pass in a game).

21B Home
Skill Practice
This sessioon now becomes opposed as we include 3 defensive players to gain possession either semi or full opposed to put pressure on attacking team and force quicker and/or different decisions to be made to produce success in attacks. 2 Touch on the outside, wide players can combine as many times as they like with central players to finish.