Defend The Defending Third | Opposed (03-P2)

50 x 40 Area with 4 goals positioned on the corner of each base line with 2 each end as shown. 2 teams, with at least 4 v 4, no more than 8 v 8, attempting to score in either of the 2 goals in a directional possession practice.




Player Focus

Defensive Compactness - Sliding Together - Forcing Direction - Decision To Press - Quality in Possession

P1: Wide Channels

Attacking team must have a player in each wide channel to score

P2: Outside Floaters

Players can bounce off target players on outside, 1 touch finish, defenders drop further

P3: Central area

Must get played through central area, encouraging DFs to retract again (DF Decisions)

Touchtight's Soccer Tips

Although this is a defensive practice in the main, we must ensure the attacking quality is at the level it needs to be in order to work the defenders. Therefore, our first Interventions should be based on standard of passing and movement in possession.
S - Wide channels and target men force the defending team to slide quickly and stay with forward runners.
T - Rewards for staying compact and not conceeding in 60 seconds, for example. Attacking team start to be more forceful and creative - Could develop transition on regaining possession.
E - Balls around the pitch, so that once scored, they have 3 seconds to start play again from anywhere. this encourages ownership and constant speed of play.
P - Players drop out if possession given away cheaply - pressure training for elite youth players. How do players react to this? Play Safe / Exploit player advantage
Advanced - As a coach you will know the quality of your team and individual players and so individual or group challenges could be set, for example (Back 4 + MF 2 must not concede). Be creative with your progressions and tailor them to your players needs.