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Touchtight Pays up to 35% MONTHLY RECURRING commission

Affiliate Opportunities

Earn up to 35% Monthly Recurring Commission

New Touchtight Affiliates will earn 15% commission on annual purchases of Touchtight Subscriptions that your front end buyers sign up for. This will be an annual recurring commission, as long as they continue paying for their Touchtight Coaching Annual membership.

Once you have earned at least £1000 in commissions you can apply to become an approved affiliate earning 25% on all annual recurring subscriptions.

Once you have at least 30 active Touchtight members paying their subscription through your affiliate link for 30 days, you can apply to increase your commission to 35% per annual subscription purchase.

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To give every player in the world the opportunity to be coached by a motivated, inspirational and forward-thinking, player-centred football coach

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